EasyStudio is a unique concept designed by Bitpod to help you create high quality presentation videos without the costs associated with traditional video production. The diagram below explains how the process works.

easystudio process

1. Choose your package

To start you will need to decide which package is suitable for your needs. You can choose from the Eco, Custom, Enhanced and Premium options, these have all been designed to provide different levels of customisation to suit different budgets.

Find out which EasyStudio package suits your needs using our comparison table

Or contact us to get advice on which best package to choose

2. Book your studio session

The best prices are available when you book online. Our easy to use booking system allows you to select your package (or just a studio time for returning clients), find the most convenient time and date and pay online to secure your session.

Once you have selected your package, the studio team will create a bespoke set-up ready for your first session. This could include branded start and end title/credit sequences, background design, name badges (also known as lower thirds) and PowerPoint templates depending on the package you select.

Contact us to access to our booking system

3. Choosing to script or ad-lib your videos

Our studio set-up allows you to either script your videos or present freestyle. Our experience so far is that this choice is usually based on how each presenter feels most comfortable. Some people simply can’t present without a script, yet others do not like the constraints of scripting often because they know exactly want they want to say. This choice is sometimes a preference and sometimes the only way to obtain good results. We cannot tell you which way will work for you (or your presenters), so practise both and see which method works best.

Generally using a script will ensure accurate timings and provide word perfect delivery but will need practise to sound natural. If you ad-lib, your delivery is often much more engaging but videos can end up being longer and may deviate from the planned content. If you are able to choose, then ad-libbing usually gives better results.

Find out more about ad-libbing your video presentations

Find out more about preparing scripts for video presentations

4. Including presentations or screen capture in your videos

Another powerful option is to include slides in your videos. Often this is in the form of an existing PowerPoint that is already being used for offline events. Alternatively you may need a new presentation to provide additional detail to support your presentation.

It is not essential to include slides and if they do not add any additional value they may even distract the viewer. Often the best slides contain little or no text and instead use photographs, diagrams and videos to provide further detail.

Find out more about including PowerPoint presentations

If you need to demonstrate software or internet applications it is also possible to capture the screen and include this in your presentation. This can be from a laptop controlled by either the presenter or by another operator.

Find out more about including screen capture in your presentation

In some cases it may also be necessary to switch between a PowerPoint and screen capture or even include both on the screen at the same time.

5. Prepare for your session

We have provided some handy tips and videos to help you get the most out of your EasyStudio session. These offer advice on how best to deliver your presentation in a natural and engaging manner.

Learn more about how to create engaging videos

6. Record your videos

Our Exeter studio is easy to find with reserved parking for visitors. To help you find us we have provided a handy downloadable map with attached checklist to make sure that nothing gets forgotten. You can also find out some last minute tips for making the most out of your studio session.

View map, downloadable checklist and recording tips

7. Upload your videos

When your videos have been recorded you will want to upload and share them with their intended audience. This might be using YouTube or Vimeo to host the video which then is embedded into your website and shared on social media.

Read our top tips and watch supporting videos on uploading and sharing EasyStudio videos

Frequently asked questions about using EasyStudio

What should I wear?

You can generally wear what you want with just a few practical limitations, the main one being that you cannot wear anything green as the studio uses a greenscreen. Most people choose to wear a shirt/blouse with or without a jacket but more casual clothing is sometimes more appropriate. Stripes, checkered patterns, bright whites and fluorescent colours should be avoided as these can create technical visual problems. Larger shiny jewellery (mainly earrings and necklaces) can reflect light and be noticeable.

We would always recommend bring shirts/blouses on a hanger and changing when you arrive to avoid any creases from seatbelts etc, it is generally a good idea to bring a couple of options so you can choose what looks best on camera. There is an iron and ironing board available if you need it.

Can I wear striped or checked clothing?

We advise against stripes or checks as when the video is reduced in size you can see a moving pattern called ‘moire’, this can be distracting for the viewer and may degrade the viewing experience. Large or very faint stripes are not usually a problem. If you want to test this then please bring a spare safe alternative just in case.

Is there anywhere I can change?

Yes you can use a lockable area to change and store clothes during your studio session.

Can I bring others with me to the studio?

Yes you can. The presenter will normally have the studio to themselves and the control room can easily fit up to two additional people who can watch a live video feed and communicate with the studio via an intercom. We generally find that most people prefer to come on their own and work one to one to achieve the best outcome.

Do I need makeup?

We recommend that you don’t do anything different to your normal routine. Studio light levels are very comfortable and use cool daylight LED rather than the hot orange bright lights used in the past. If you want to apply makeup in the studio you will need to bring your own products as we do not supply this for studio shoots. A mirror is provided and we can shoot a test still for you to check on a 40″ monitor.

I am nervous, will you coach me?

Of course we will! Its natural to worry a little bit about presenting to camera and this can often be a good thing as the extra attention to detail helps with your presentation. We are very used to helping people who have not done this before and have a good track record getting great results. The experience can be very rewarding and a good confidence booster.

Will you help me look and sound good?

It’s our job to make sure you are happy with the way you appear on camera. We will assist you with all aspects of the process and try our very best make sure you are happy with the final result. The help we give varies depending on the situation and what we are asked for or what we think needs assistance. We will pay special attention to the way that you look, the way that you sound and the messages you are communicating.