Most presenters that use EasyStudio have not made videos before and are not always used to presenting. Whatever your past experience we want our service to be easy to use and provide great results. We have worked hard to make a flexible solution that is both affordable and capable. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your time in our studio.

Five tips for presenting better videos

1. Practise, practise and practise some more

Videos are ALWAYS better when the delivery is practised and the presenter is familiar with the content. That leaves you free to concentrate on the delivery which is usually what makes a video more engaging.

2. Keep your videos short and sweet

Don’t forget you can make as many videos as you like in your studio session so don’t feel you need to make long videos unless that is absolutely necessary. Videos that are between 1 and 2 minutes in length have been shown to be more effective and they are much easier to record too!

3. Love your script

Even if you are ad-libbing this point is really about adding emotion to your delivery and that always starts with your script. Does it make you smile, are you enthusiastic about your key messages and do you seem really keen that the viewer gets maximum from your video. If not, you need to consider tweaking the script until you feel that you are loving it!

4. Does your PowerPoint really add value?

Some PowerPoint presentations are sadly no more than bullet point prompts for the presenter and add little for the viewer. Be ruthless with your slides and if they don’t have a real purpose that builds on the message you are presenting, then consider how you might improve them so that they are more effective.

5. Consider your start and your ending

The best videos get started without any preamble and end efficiently, allowing maximum time for the core information. That said you need to know how you will achieve this in advance so that you are well prepared.

Video demonstrations

Frequently asked questions about presenting

What happens if I go wrong?

One of the many benefits of using EasyStudio is that you can record as many videos as you like in your session. This means that you will want to have several goes at each video until you are happy with the result. You can play each video back immediately after recording and then decide if you want to record another version or if you want to move on to the next video.

Do I have to control everything myself, this sounds complicated?

We promise it is not really complicated, it just takes a few practise runs to become familiar with the way it works and then it will be second nature. There are just four buttons on the remote control, start recording, advance the slide, toggle slide full screen and stop recording. We provide an efficient induction and are on hand to assist when needed. The good news is that everybody has managed ok so far!

Can I use a whiteboard or flipchart?

Currently we do not have a whiteboard or flipchart in the studio as it is not something that really works that well in practice. Instead we would point you toward using a visual presentation leaving you free to concentrate on your delivery rather than writing or drawing.

Can I stand up rather than sit down?

Our studio been designed for seated presentations to save time adjusting cameras, lighting and microphones in each session. We also find that presenters who are standing can easily move outside of the areas of critical focus, resulting in having to re-record videos.

Can I have someone next to me asking me questions?

Yes this is possible, but do bear in mind that unless the interviewer is experienced at interviewing, you may not produce videos that you are happy with. If the only reason you want another person is because it is easier to answer questions than present to the camera, then you may be disappointed as this is usually not the case.

Do we have to film in a studio?

No of course not, although the EasyStudio service is based in our Exeter studio or is available as a portable service for use over two or more days. Bitpod offer on-location filming services as a bespoke service although sadly this is not as cost effective as using the studio.