To you make sure you have everything prepared we have created a downloadable checklist. Click the button below for a PDF containing a few final reminders, directions and contact details.

Video demonstrations

Directions and parking

EasyStudio is located in Baring Crescent opposite Waitrose supermarket on Heavitree Road.

If you enter Baring Crescent from the opposite end you will not be able to drive to our parking spaces as there is a barrier half way along the Crescent.

Our address is Bitpod Ltd, 4 Baring Crescent, Exeter, Devon. EX1 1TL

Click here to download our PDF map for directions and parking

Frequently Asked Questions

If my video recording does not go to plan can you edit together my recordings?

This is a common question that has two answers! If you are wanting to keep within the costs of your chosen package then you will need to record your videos in one take. Or if you are happy to pay for some additional editing time then we can potentially join different videos together as required. It is important to note that to avoid a ‘jump cut’, the edit will need to be hidden in some way (for example using a full screen slide) or else the production quality of your video may be compromised.

Can I travel to your studio using public transport?

Our studio is next to Heavitree Road which is a major bus route. If you are travelling from Exeter then you can get off at the Waitrose bus stop. If you are coming in from Heavitree then you will want to get off opposite Grendon Road. There are not any train stations nearby, Exeter Central is a 20min walk and Polsloe bridge is a 25 minute walk away.

How many videos will I be able to make in my session?

This is not an easy question to answer as it will depend on how long your videos are, how practised you are at presenting them and how may attempts you want to have at perfecting each one. We have seen some of our clients create four video in a day and another create ten videos in two hours!  Essentially it is up to you, we will of course help as much as we can and you can help yourself by practising and being well prepared.