Our EasyStudio set-up in pictures

Our studio set-up has been carefully customised over the last few years to create the perfect environment for making presentation videos. We have worked hard to make it comfortable, adaptable and of course easy to use.

Studio features

  • Camera

    Sony professional HD/4K broadcast quality SDI camera

  • Audio

    Hypercardoid directional microphone with ultra low noise ADC

  • Teleprompter

    Through-the-lens variable speed scrolling prompter

  • Lighting

    Remote controlled daylight LED lighting with programmable presets

  • Laptop support

    Connect HDMI, DisplayPort (inc USB-C, Mini), DVI or VGA laptops

  • Instant replay

    40″ wall mounted screen for preview, instant replay or slide viewing

EasyStudio 360 view

Audio comparison

One of the most important features in any professional studio is the ability to eliminate echo and reverb for professional sound. EasyStudio is soundproofed and sound treated to provide high quality audio recording on every video.