The videos produced in your EasyStudio session will be made available for you to download from Google Drive. This will give you (or anyone you share the links with) access to all the videos recorded from your session.

Please note that although the videos will play on Google Drive without downloading (which is sometimes useful for choosing the right clip, although do note that the quality is sometimes not optimal), you will need to download the videos and keep them safe as this link is not always going to be active. You are welcome to share your download links with others who need access to such as web designers and marketing/design agencies etc, however please don’t share it with clients or other end users.

The next step will be to upload your videos to YouTubeVimeo or even your own website if you have it configured correctly. For most purposes YouTube is the best solution as it is free, easy to manage and it integrates with most social media and website content management systems.

If you need any further help please see the links below or use YouTube’s extensive support site and the YouTube creators academy.

Demonstration videos

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my videos to be sent to me?

We will usually upload your videos at the end of each session ready for you to download. Occasionally if our studio is booked back to back we may upload the next morning instead. If you have any urgent deadlines please let us know.

Can I bring in a USB stick or drive instead?

Yes this is possible although it will need to be completed within your studio session time. If you want to share the videos with others you may find that having them on Google Drive is easier. Another benefit is that you have another copy to access as a backup just in case.

Do I own the rights to the videos I have made?

As long as you have the rights to all the content in your videos then the are legally yours to use however you wish. We will not use them for any other purpose and we will not share them with anyone else.

Do I have to use YouTube?

Once your videos are made you can upload them to any video hosting website you choose. We mention YouTube as this is one of the most popular ways to host video as it integrates with most websites and social media platforms.